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So you like the idea of investing in Crypto, but you’re really not sure how to do it and the thought of trying to understand all there is to know about Blockchains, Mining (no, not that kind), FIAT currency (why are we talking about cars?) is all just too overwhelming. Well you’re not alone. I have been through this myself and there are thousands of others in the exact same position.

I spent months researching different ways to invest in Crypto but I kept finding myself back at square one asking myself the same thing – how do I know what coins to buy and even if I did know, how do I actually buy them? The thought of not physically being able to hold currency in my hand didn’t sit entirely well with me. But the more I started to learn about Crypto the more willing I became to submerging myself into this world and seeing where the journey took me.

I decided I was approaching my Crypto journey from the wrong perspective. I decided to stop trying to learn everything there was to know and instead find out if there was a way of copying someone who actually knows what they are doing. From the various platforms that offer such a function, one stood out a mile for me. Copy My Crypto .

So how does “Copy My Crypto” work?

Good question! Essentially the way it works is that James McMahon (the founder) will send you a daily email with a 15min or so video of him speaking to camera explaining where he sees the market going and offer advice as to what you should do. He starts each video showing you exactly what coins he holds and offers advice about what coins he’s watching closely as as soon as he thinks you should buy a particular coin he’ll tell you. He’s often send his daily email out only to follow up a few hours later with the advice to buy xx coin. He doesn’t just leave you to it at that point…………..he then offers advice about the new addition to the portfolio and will tell you when he thinks you should sell. Note that it could be months or even years down the line that he decides to sell.

So you don’t need to know anything about the market, nor do you really need to understand all he’s telling you (although you really should dedicate some time to understanding what’s going on), all you need to do is decide if you want to take his advice or not. You are paying a membership fee to be the first to receive his advice but it’s essentially down to you whether you chose to take it or not.

And the best part…

Well one of the best parts is that at no point do you send any form of investment to him or any account manager to handle the process for you. (FYI – if you ever come across an organisation offering to invest funds for you with guaranteed returns then ensure you do your due diligence as that should be a red flag).

Being a member also entitles you access to a suit of tutorial videos explaining exactly how to buy Crypto and how to keep it safe.


James has a YouTube channel and here is a snippet of the wealth of information he shares. Yes you absolutely can follow his advice and find the next coin to invest in……………or you can join his members only website and let him do the all the hard work and tell you which to buy instead (see details below as to how to do this). The link he refers to is at the end of this thread below the video.

So why should I listen to this James guy?

I didn’t know who James was when I first found him. But after some research I was pleasantly surprised by what I learnt.

He has a YouTube channel where he posts some generic advice for free but back on 2nd June 2020 he posted a video about a coin called “Fantom”. It was around $0.05 at the time and through the research James undertook about this coin he identified it as one that had the potential to increase 100 times in value. But James was wrong because it didn’t increase 100 times as he thought it would. Nine months later on 28th October 2021 Fantom had – it increased 692 times. Absolutely incredible.

This is not a one hit wonder. James has said on many occasions that there will be other coins that follow suit and only if you’re a member will you be first in line to find out which coins he identifies as the next Fantom.

Become a member

To find out more about James and details of how to become a member of his site and be first in line to reap the rewards of his labour then visit Copy My Crypto.

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